Issue Verifiable Documents Powered by Blockchain

Authentific helps government and private organizations to streamline their certificate and document issuance and verification process using blockchain technology. With our solution, you can issue digital certificates with the assurance that they cannot be tampered with, and provide instant verification of issued documents.

Core Benefits

Make your organization more efficient

Eliminate Document Fraud

Issue Digital Certificates with the assurance that they can never be tampered.

Instant Document Verification

Issued certificates and documents can be instantly verified via our mobile app or your website.

Build Customer Trust

Provide a reliable and secure experience for your partners & customers through electronic certificate distribution and decentralized verification.

Security & Privacy

Enjoy blockchain-powered privacy and data ownership.

Core Features

An efficient solution

to improve reliability in the storage and verification processĀ and eliminate document fraud through automated certificate issuance and streamlined document verification process.

Undeniable Proof of Authentication

All certificates and documents are stored on the blockchain and can be authenticated with 100% certainty.

No additional hardware or equipment

Enjoy a user-friendly web-based solution with no additional hardware cost.

Future-proof your organization

How it works?


document to blockchain using your Authentific account.


a copy of uploaded document to a recipient.


Recipients can share the document with other parties as needed.


Verification can be done instantly through the issuer’s website by anyone with a valid digital copy.

more resons to chose Authentific

10X your document issuing and verification process.

Total Control with Real-Time Reporting

Stay on top of all activity within your organization with Authentific’s comprehensive dashboard, giving you real-time reporting of all accounts anytime, anywhere.

Secure Solution with Digital Security

Ensure complete accountability and prevent unauthorized use and external attacks with Authentific’s solution designed with security in mind. Our platform features the most powerful digital security features.

User-Friendly Interface

Authentific’s user-friendly interface is designed to accommodate novice users to experienced system administrators within any organization. With minimal or no training required, your team can easily manage your digital certificate and document issuance and verification process.

Our Pricing Plan

Great Price Plan For You!

Choose the right plan for your organization’s needs and enjoy the benefits of secure document issuance and a decentralized verification system.

Most Popular

Authentific Blockchain

$499/ Per Year

Paid Annually

Unlimited Blockchain Storage

US$ 0.50 per blockchain upload

Issue Digital Documents

Issue Verification Reports

Blockchain Verification

Web Based Verification

Mobile App for Verification

Permanent Audit Logs

Authentific Pro Cloud

$3999/ Per Year

Paid Annually

All Authentific Blockchain Features

Unlimited Prints

US$ 0.25 per blockchain upload

Document Editor/Designer

Tier Level Approvals

Multiple Users

Print Documents

QR Verification

Paper Stock Management

Authentific Pro Hybrid

$5999/ Per Year

Paid Annually

All Authentific Pro Cloud Features

US$ 0.25 per blockchain upload

Client hosted Database (Mongo DB Cloud)

Custom Domain for Web based verification

Custom Certificate Template x 1

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