End to End Degree Life Cycle Management

Unified Solution for Secure Certificate Issuance and Verification

One Simple Solution

Get a centralized and holistic solution to manage the secure issuance, distribution, and verification of certificates using cutting-edge technology. Authentific’s one simple solution ensures the highest level of security and accuracy.

Student Management

Seamlessly integrate your existing student management systems and make faster and more informed decisions using our open, flexible, and industry-standard integrations.

Mitigation Against Internal Fraud & Counterfeit

Strengthen governance and reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeit certificates with our world-class physical and digital security standards.

Cost Reduction

Eliminate non-value adding activities and reduce overall costs by streamlining the certificate life-cycle with Authentific's one simple solution.

Tiered Approvals & Deep Analytics

Customize your approval workflows to preserve the robustness of your approvals, and make better decisions using our built-in real-time analytics.

Pay As You Go Revenue From Instant Verification

Maximize your revenue by using our Instant Verification and Tap and Go technology or create a new revenue stream

Pay To Verify

Graduates can easily request and pay for certificate verification using our mobile application


Make quick and fact-based decisions using our real-time analytics that can be integrated with your corporate BI systems.

Cloud or Hosted Deployment

Cloud Based Solution – Managed or Hybrid

Choose the best deployment model for your organization, whether it's in Authentific's Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud or your private cloud. We offer flexible solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Host At University Servers

If you prefer not to deploy in the cloud, Authentific can be implemented and hosted on your university servers, giving you a hosted solution.

Instant Verification For Quick Sale To A Buyer

Close sales quickly and efficiently with real-time verification of art titles and inventory status using our Instant Verification feature.

Digital Repository & Analytics

Create your own digital repository and categorize your content based on the degree of verification you require. Get real-time notifications when your work is authenticated from anywhere in the world.

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