Quality & Compliance Is Only Proven With A Legitimate Certificate

ISO, Halal, Kosher, Engineering, Medical Compliance & more always require protection against counterfeit

Proving Food, Medical or Engineering Compliance Has Never Been Easier!

The accreditation or certification you provide is vital to the ecosystem that you operate in. Hundreds, if not thousands of consumers rely on the written assurance that some form of review, education, assessment or audit has been performed to meet the stringent criteria for these standards.

Instant Verifiable Certificates For Consumers

Assure your clients with Authenticated by Authentific tags. Use our NFC based verification solution to showcase the breadth and depth of your certifications Learn more about Authentific NFC Tags digital verification

Increasing Consumer Confidence on Certificate Issuers

Improve consumer confidence by using real time authentication to verify the integrity of your certificates

Stops Counterfeit & Internal Fraud

Robust digital and physical security makes it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to replicate your certificates

Provide Value To Your Clients With Scan Analytics

Use Scan Analytics to provide real time consumer information

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