Digitizing Police Clearance Certificates with Authentific

Our solution provides low-touch, error-free digitization of Police Clearance Certificates (PCCs) for secure authentication and verification.

Paperless & Secure

Eliminate the need for paper certificates with real-time visibility of issued documents and verification logs.


Our virtually impregnable physical and digital security standards protect your certifications from internal and external fraud.

Instantly Verifiable PCCs

Our solution offers near real-time authentication of validity, including physical and digital verification using sophisticated algorithms.

Revoke PCCs Digitally

Ensure that changes to the validity of a PCC are reflected immediately through secure and ongoing verification against databases.

Multi-Tier Approval System

Our solution offers flexible user and role definitions for complex workflow management, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Foolproof Security with High-Security Paper

Our paper certificates feature numerous visible & invisible security features to prevent replication.

Bank Note Level Security

Our multi-layered anti-counterfeit approach includes unique serial and PIN numbers, chemical protection, anti-copy, watermarks, and over two dozen advanced technological anti-counterfeit measures.

Add-On NFC Verification

Embed NFC chips into our security paper for added security and personalization, only readable by NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Multiple API Integrations

Real time verification is only as good as the accuracy and integrity of data received. Authentific’s open API allows for seamless integration to any system to send and receive important information

Multiple API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our solution with any system through our open API, compliant with stringent security protocols.

Instant Issuance

Automate the review, validation, and issuance of certificates to optimize workflow and deliver efficiencies.

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