The Most Prized Document In The World

A value of a title deed document is proportional to property value. Securing it is a government’s responsibility

Increase Confidence in Real Estate Market

In an era of global financial uncertainty, economic stimulus packages drive investment in real estate. Authentific helps manage the authenticity of land title needs, thereby increasing confidence in a popular investment vehicle

Instant Verification

Real time authentication of validity including physical and digital verification using sophisticated algorithms and custom stock paper Learn more about Authentific NFC Tags digital verification

Property Details In Seconds

With highly scale-able Amazon Web Services infrastructure and a decentralized architecture across 5 continents, accessing your local property data has never been quicker

Anti-Counterfeit Paper

Authentific offers a multi-layered anti-counterfeit approach with the use of overt and covert security features, many of which are invisible to the naked eye, or cannot be seen without the use of specialized, custom made equipment. Overt measures include unique serial and PIN numbers, chemical protection, anti-copy, watermarks, and covert measures include over 2 dozen highly advanced technological anti-counterfeit measures

eWallet For Property Owners

Secure and convenient, Authentific provides eWallets for owners, where a copy of your Authentific verified land title is available digitally

Foolproof Property Transactions

Avoid error prone and risky manual transactions where the authenticity of every document needs days if not weeks to prove. Authentific’s holistic property title deed solution provides a fool-proof solution

Facial Recognition via API

Authentific’s Facial Recognition via API offers robust, enterprise grade authentication capabilities both stand alone and as part of a multi-factor authentication strategy

Multi-Tier Approval System

Flexible user and role definitions allow for complex workflow management customized to the specific needs of your business

Real Time Data

Aggregate data across all jurisdictions with real time visibility of issued documents and verification logs

View Transaction & Verification Requests Live

View transaction and verification requests in real time, take proactive action as opposed to being reactive

Real-Time Analytics For Better Strategic Decisions

Analyse and interpret data in real time using our dashboard of extensible tools. Export data to corporate BI or Performance Management systems for a big picture view

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