Fight Against Counterfeit Degrees With Authentific

With Authentific, you can ensure that the credentials of professionals are genuine and trustworthy. The reliability of a professional, especially in healthcare or other critical industries, can have life or death consequences.

A Degree Is As Valuable As A Passport Hence Similar Level Of Security Is Paramount

An educational certificate represents years of hard work and dedication, making it invaluable. With the Authentific solution, you can safeguard this priceless asset by implementing passport-level physical and digital security measures on every certificate. Ensure the authenticity of your degree with the strongest security features available on the market today. Choose Authentific for a secure and trusted certification experience.

Effortless Visual Authentication

Verifying certificates has never been easier with Authentific's advanced anti-counterfeit measures, including embedded RFID tags, QR codes, and NFC technology that can be easily accessed with any smartphone.

Added Protection with High-Security Certificates

An educational certificate is an invaluable asset, and Authentific's solution offers the security it deserves with passport-level physical and digital security features integrated into every certificate.

Invest in High-Security Certificates

Authentific offers flexible pricing options, including Pay-As-You-Go and Unlimited pricing, making it an affordable solution for delivering world-class, high-security certificates.

Unbeatable Anti-Counterfeit Measures

Authentific's cutting-edge physical and digital verification measures, such as custom-made security paper, facial recognition technology, and over 50 anti-counterfeit security features, make counterfeiting almost impossible.

Streamlined Digital Verification

Verifying degrees digitally has never been easier with Authentific’s authentication and verification tools.

Instant Verification with Authentific's Mobile App

Gone are the days of waiting 2 weeks for graduate verification - with Authentific’s app it takes just minutes while maintaining both physical and digital security.

App Agnostic Verification System

Authentific's open standards allow for app-agnostic verifications and integration with any student management system.

Paper Stock Integration With Authentific Software

Tracked and Monitored Paper Inventory

Authentific tracks and monitors its paper inventory, from production to daily use, with multi-tier verification and sophisticated audit trails to account for every piece of security paper.

Variable Physical Security Features

Authentific's specially modified desktop security printers provide robust physical security features, including lockable trays, security keys, and special toner to print variable security features on documents.

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