Secure Degree Issuance & Verification for Education Ministries

A centralized solution for document security and verification, giving a single, comprehensive view of all degrees nationwide.

A Country Wide Unified System For Issuance, Verification & Accountability Of Degrees

Country-Wide Anti-Fraud Compliance

Establish rigorous control over the issuance and verification of secure degrees, with a single source of truth.

Automatic Compliance to Standards

Eliminate disparate certification and authentication systems and ensure automatic compliance to tightly controlled standards.

Protection from Fraud

Implement virtually unbreakable physical and digital security measures to protect degrees from internal and external fraud.

International Recognition

Adopt world-class best practices for document security and verification, allowing for near real-time authentication from anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Data Visibility

Aggregate data across educational institutions for real-time visibility of issued degrees and verification logs.

Integration with Government Systems

As a centralized service, Authentific leverages open middleware technology for seamless integration with other government systems.

Real Time Analytics

Harness the power of data for real-time analytics and improved decision making.

Instant Degree Verification & Attestation

Quick Degree Verification

Authentific enables instant degree verification through QR-Code and encrypted Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, compatible with most mobile devices.

Foolproof Attestations

Say goodbye to lengthy verification times and prevent accidental attestations of counterfeit degrees with a foolproof solution that safeguards your institution's integrity.

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