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Australian Cyber Corporation

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

At ACC we meet our client’s evolving needs with not just some of the best tech out there but also ACC’s in-house innovations. We work with our client’s trusted advisors, technology officers, C-level executives to achieve more than what they have asked for.

Biggest Security

ACC identifies the pain points of organisation and provide solutions with biggest security.

Digital Goals

ACC also work with world`s best innovators to provides organisation with their digital goals.


We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.


Transparency drives trust. Our aim is to accelerate positive impact in the security industry through our unique services and solutions.


We expect everyone at ACC to be an ambassador for our high ethical standards – what we call ‘business integrity’.

Industries We Serve

Expertise in diverse business verticals

Following are the industries where ACC provides their services.

National, Cyber & Document Security
Airlines, Travel, Transport & logistics
Public Sector, Policing, Media & PR
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
Consumer Packaged Goods
About Authentific​

Why we created Authentific?

Authentific is designed to give institutions the tools to securely create, manage and deliver certificates and transcripts. Authentific allows digital transformation of certification issuance and verification process.

Institutions can offer their students the benefit of having secure digital versions of their credentials that they can easily share with potential recruiters. Authentific encourage efficiency and transparency in the education sector and job market and it will increase credibility of certificate holder.